Free Gift Basket

We thought we would send you a complimentary gift basket to share with the office!We like to do something nice for people such as you who are busy.

In a sense what we're doing is spending twenty dollars to buy some of your time, so to speak. I am sure you are generally concerned about the cleanliness and the professional image that you portray to your customers and business associates.

Keeping things clean and neat is important, because some people feel that what they see in your location is what they'll get from you and your staff. If your location looks messy and dirty, maybe they'll think that's the kind of service they'll get.

What we do is help people maintain that professional image and at the same time prolong the life of your computers, telephones, and all of your electronic equipment. We make them look brand new.

So give us a call. We'll only take 10 minutes of your time to show you what we can do. Then you decide if we can make a striking improvement to your office.

Remember if for some reason you are not interested in having your equipment cleaned after previewing our service, there is no obligation to buy. You get the gift basket to do with what you like.

Thank you.

PS: I hope you and your staff enjoy the specialty coffees, chocolates and teas.

Simply: fill out the form below, click submit to email it or print it and fax it to us and we'll set up an appointment with you to show what we can do with your dirtiest keyboard, at no charge. Then you decide whether or not you would like to have all your equipment cleaned.

YES! I WANT MY KEYBOARD CLEANED FOR FREE! I want to see the difference you can make in MY office Please bring that free gift basket with you, "cause we're hungry!" (available only in areas where we have representatives)

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Free Gift Basket
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