Electronic Equipement Making People Sick

Results of a Dan Rather CBS News Report

On May 12th, 1997, a CBS news reporter, John Roberts, did a report on tests conducted throughout the United States on the presence of germs on all kinds of public surfaces. He reported that, in all of the surfaces tested, it was found there was at least one form of bacteria and/or virus on each surface, such as E. Coli, Staph Aureus, Bacillus Cerus and even fecal matter, just to name a few.

"What we found on that ATM was a toxic form of E. coli bacteria, similar to one that caused a deadly outbreak of food poisoning in the Northwest four years ago... and it wasn't just the ATM that was carrying the disease. Fifty percent of the surfaces we tested had at least one form of toxic bacteria on them."

"With almost every touch, every breath, we come into contact with germs."

There is a service available that will clean and sanitize all sensitive electronic equipment. This includes keyboards, monitors, CPU's, copy machines, fax machines, phones, money counters, calculators, cash registers, ATM's, diagnostic equipment, and cellular phones. Most people are truly afraid to clean these machines, and with good reason. They're afraid they'll damage the equipment, if they try to clean it.

Amazingly not many businesses have addressed the problem.

In most offices the equipment has been neglected for years. People have just become accustomed to working with dirty equipment. If people accepted this same level cleanliness in buildings, carpets would look worn and dirty in most locations. Windows would be smeared with smoke and grease.

If you think you have a maintenance contract on your equipment and they look after cleaning of your equipment, wrong again.

Maintenance contracts are to insure that the equipment continues to function. NOT that it is clean for you to operate. The company you lease your car from doesn't wash it for you.

Computer Techs, Photocopier Techs and IT Professionals are not cleaning your equipment, they just don't have time nor the inclination to clean the outside of your equipment.

Janitorial Services do NOT clean equipment, nor should they.

They would rather clean a bomb than a computer or data terminal. It's just too risky for them because they are not trained to perform this service.

Who does?

An internationally organized company out of Calgary, AB has taken on the task by providing individuals with a way of starting their own business cleaning equipment using specialized tools and cleaners that they provide. Currently they have over 100 people across Canada and the United States --now including ARIZONA -- that they can tap into to clean equipment and that number is growing.

Have a look at your equipment. If YOU can see that it's dirty, don't you think there might be germs and bacteria lurking in the grooves and between those keys? Your equipment can be quickly restored and this product will not damage any of it. We not only quickly restore your equipment to showroom condition.

We will also disinfect the "human touch" areas, which will free these surfaces from bacteria and viruses.

DO IT YOURSELF: If reducing the sick days in your office by removing the bacteria on your equipment would help you, we also have an antibacterial product you can try out yourself.

To have one of our consultants show you first hand how we can improve your company image and keep your staff healthier, call 1-602-885-7755 or send e-mail and make an appointment.

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Electronic Equipment Making People Sick
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