How To Avoid The Flu Bug In Your Office

One hospital reported giving 6 people the week off to get over the flu. All of these people got the virus from the same computer!

Your computer keyboard or phone may be making you sick. Most people never think about the way these bugs get transferred. Usually it's by casual contact with these bugs that move them from place to place.

You know what happens at work. Someone comes to the office with the flu or the sniffles and touches the equipment at the front counter, after which at least four other people use that equipment. Then they go back to the phone in the coffee area and so on and so on… and it's not too long and everyone in the office is sick.

How can you stop this???? Have your equipment cleaned regularly to get those germs off.

Many people are intimidated by cleaning their own computer keyboards and telephones. There is a company in Phoenix, Arizona that cleans and sanitizes computers and other sensitive electronic equipment: ON-SITE Professional Computer and Electronic Equipment Cleaning Services.

We will go to your office and clean your dirtiest keyboard for free. Once you have seen how new looking we can make your equipment, you decide if you need our services.

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How To Avoid The Flu Bug In Your Office
Electronic Equipment Making People Sick
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